Systems of Systems Project Map


A Summary Graphic Shows the System of Systems Map for the Project Followed by a Caption.


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 Caption for Graphic

•Primary flows of CO2
–1. Photosynthesis, measured by direct measurement
–2. Respiration, measured by direct measurement
•Project land areas
–3. Forest, managed for conservation, linked by area and direct measurements
–4. Silvopasture area for sheep, managed annually for high quality forage nutrition content, linked by area under pasture management
–5. Gardens for vegetables & flowers
–6. Wetlands, managed for conservation, linked by area and gas measurements
–7. Soil carbon compounds, managed for net soil carbon sequestration, linked to direct measurements
•Farm management operations
–8. Horsepower eliminates tractor fossil-fuel emissions
–9. Silvopasture maintenance
–10. Protect wetlands from degradation
•Monitoring and Data Analysis Operations
–11. The three GG analyzers (CO2, CH4, N2O) with cloud data storage and remote operations
–12. Towers for eddy covariance
–13. Soil gas collection and analysis (accumulation chambers and soil probes)
–14. Drone, ARPA-e technology
–15. Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence (AI), data center and mobile dashboard project access